In addition to its expertise in providing analysis services based on advanced imaging techniques, Novitom has been developing software to extract relevant data from service images for over a decade. Capitalising on its skills, Novitom offers to develop customised image analysis software and is also the publisher of the X-ray simulation software Novi-Sim.

Novi-Sim: X-ray CT simulation

Novi-Sim provides a convenient solution for performing virtual X-ray CT imaging of your samples. With an accurate physical models and an optimized implementation, it allows you to efficiently test and optimize acquisition parameters before proceeding your actual CT scans. In addition, Novi-Sim serves as a valuable tool for training X-ray radiography or CT operators and generating databases for neural network training. All of these features are accessible through a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

Key features

  • 3D reconstruction and fast simulation
  • User friendly interface
  • Realistic CT images
  • Accurate noise model
  • Phase contrast simulation
  • Multi-material simulation

Customized Solutions

Novitom offers tailor-made solutions for recurring characterization needs. We develop software tools dedicated to the automated analysis of your images and we take care of the development of the specifications, the choice of algorithms, the development of interfaces, etc.

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  • Automatic defect detection
  • 3D / 4D image viewing


  • 2D / 3D image processing
  • Intuitive graphical interface


  • Materials characterization 
  • Multi-processor and GPU optimisations