Materials & Processes

Designing novel materials with tailored micro- or nano-structures increasingly requires more advanced and precise characterisation.

Thanks to the powerful characterisation capability of X-ray micro/nano-tomography and X-ray micro-diffraction, we can provide 2D, 3D or 4D mapping of structural properties for any type of complex materials: Our image analysis tools allow for extraction and quantification of key microstructural parameters and provide a very reliable way of selecting and optimizing process or simulation parameters.

We can also provide our customers with efficient tailor-made solutions for 2D/3D/4D image analysis and experimental devices that allow for in-operando follow-up of microstructural evolution under specific mechanical, thermal or hygrometric conditions.


  • Porosity
  • Cracks, micro-cracks
  • Phase ratio
  • Damage
  • Fibre orientation
  • Phase morphology
  • Connectivity
  • Defects and inclusions
  • Crystallinity, polymorphism
  • Oxidation state
  • Phase distribution
  • Trace elements