X-ray micro-spectroscopy

X-ray fluorescence microscopy can be used to map the chemical composition of any type of sample. The principle is similar to SEM-EDX technology but much more sensitive, with detection levels accurate to ppm or even ppb scales.

XANES and EXAFS spectroscopies are analysis techniques that require the power of synchrotron X-ray beams. They are able to determine the local environment of a given element, along with its oxidation state, the nature of its nearest neighbours, and whether the sample contains a major proportion of the element or just traces.

Novitom is the only provider offering a comprehensive range of services based around synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy, including measurements, analysis and simulation of spectra, and the development of machines using mechanical or thermal stress for 3D monitoring of the process in real time.


  • Analysis and mapping of trace elements
  • Chemical reactions follow-up, catalysis
  • Mapping of oxidation states
  • Detection of nanoparticles in biological tissues
  • Penetration depth of chemical products
  • Sulfur chemistry