X-ray micro-tomography

X-ray microtomography is a powerful, non-destructive technique for 3D imaging and inspection. It has important applications in both R&D and online production and its major strength is its versatile application to all types of parts and materials.

X-ray synchrotron sources resist the limits of this technology by providing ultra-high spatial resolutions of up to 30-nm, an unrivaled image quality using phase contrast, a very high penetration power even in dense materials and ultra-fast acquisition modes for real-time process monitoring.

Novitom is the only provider offering a comprehensive range of services for synchrotron microtomography and nanotomography, including measurements, image analysis, the design of machines using mechanical or thermal stress for 3D monitoring of the process in real time, and training.


  • Detection and characterization of cracks, porosities, defects
  • Micro-metrology
  • NDT of multi-components parts
  • Orientation and connectivity of fibres in composite materials
  • Characterization of hidden interfaces
  • Granulometry in multiphase gels
  • Micro-deformations under mechanical stress
  • 3D imaging of biological tissues
  • Charaterization of food ingredients & packaged agro-products