Training & Expertise

As an expert in powerful yet little-Known techniques, Novitom also provides training and consultancy for clients who wish to learn more about the most Advanced analytical capabilities.

The objective of our training sessions is to teach you about the key elements of synchrotron technologies, allowing you to compare these technologies to more conventional laboratory tests, therefore gaining a better understanding of their strengths and optimising the implementation of your tests.

Our team regularly organises training courses designed for people involved in innovation, R&D or laboratory activities, either at their site or at Novitom itself.


Training and courses 2021


  • Why X-ray synchrotron microtomography
  • Introduction to XANES and EXAFS spectroscopy
  • From microstructure to macroscopic properties
  • Synchrotron imaging techniques for Energy and Environment
  • Synchrotron imaging techniques for Skin and Hair
  • Synchrotron imaging techniques for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Products