Non Destructive Testing

X-ray microtomography is considered as one of the most powerful Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technique (NDT). It goes beyond the simple detection of imperfections and weaknesses in components and allows to fully characterise defects, cracks and inhomogeneities.

Novitom offers high performance NDT though the use of synchrotron X-rays. The advantage is the possibility of reaching micrometric resolution while keeping a high penetration power. It allows to probe the bulk of metallic or multi-material parts and characterise all types of unwanted micro-sized features.

For customers willing to equip their manufacturing lines with an online non-destructive control system, Novitom can also provide with an efficient all-inclusive, tailor-made solution including X-ray systems benchmarking and the development of dedicated tools for image analysis.

Examples of case studies

  • Material heath test
  • Defect detection in metallic components
  • Failure analysis
  • Characterisation of cracks
  • Dimensional control and comparison with CAD parts
  • Non Destructive Testing