Cosmetic Evaluation

Novitom offers an original approach for assessing the effect of cosmetic products on skin, hair or any biological tissue.

Our technologies enable to link the microstructure or molecular structure of products with consumer perception (hydration, color, brightness, etc.). It is also possible to follow in real time direct effects on the structure of biological tissue e.g. in hair and skin treatments.

Novitom has recently extended its offer to the effectiveness evaluation of active cosmetic agents by conducting experiments directly on cell models or tissues under stress conditions. Coupling fluorescence imaging with thermal stress, UV radiation or mechanical stress can be proposed to mimic in vivo conditions.

Examples of case studies

  • Effect of a cosmetic product on skin lipids
  • 3D organisation of the different internal skin layers after dermatologic treatment
  • Effect of a hair product on the internal skin structure
  • Cellular model under stress for test of active agent
  • Surface properties of skin after the application of a personal care product
  • Partnership with biotech companies