Anti-aging skincare seen through the eyes of your skin’s collagen!

Scientifically assessing the effectiveness of anti-aging cosmetic treatments is no simple matter! Novitom has joined forces with Lubrizol-Lipotec, to develop a test based on an analysis of the quality of the organization of collagen fibres. Collagen, which is the main constituent of the dermis, largely determines its flexibility during aging. And this new test of anti-aging cosmetic treatments will simplify the process significantly.

Two techniques are used: atomic force microscopy (AFM) provides spectacular images of the fibres in varying states of organisation, and SAXS diffraction quantifies the quality of their internal structural organization thanks to the high flux and focus of “synchrotron” X-rays.

Measurements are easy to perform on series of samples, data analysis is straightforward, and, above all, this dual approach enables the detection of very weak and early aging effects.

This explains the growing success of this test in the cosmetics industry. What we wouldn’t do to make sure we stay young!

This test will be presented on our booth at the “Skin & Formulation” conference to be held in Nantes on 2 and 3 October 2023.

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